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Sales Force

Rose & Associates, Inc. Sales Force

Chris RoseChris Rose

Chris began in orthopedics in 1994. He worked as a representative for a local distributor, and as an independent contractor, became a distributor in Idaho for Orthofix and Acumed. In 2001, following the worldwide recall of many hip implants for manufacturing problems, Chris began anew with a company of his own.

Caleb CreaganCaleb Creagan
Vice President

Caleb joined Rose & Associates, Inc. in 2010 after a highly successful career in the insurance industry.  His intelligence and desire to achieve excellence combine to make him a legitimate partner to his surgeon’s customers. Caleb spends a day a week planning for cases the following week. Often times these planning sessions will yield multiple options for his customers, based on subtleties picked up during case review.


Kyle NayerKyle Nayer
Sales Consultant (Boise, ID)

Kyle has been with Rose & Associates, Inc. since 2004. His growth as a sales representative is a subject of watercooler talk all over the territory. Kyle has become a bit of a “trained assassin” in the eyes of our competitors. Kyle’s product knowledge and “can do” attitude are keys to his success.

Sydney FitzsimmonsSydney Fitzsimmons

Sydney is Director of Operations at R&A. Sydney came to R&A in 2010 without any industry knowledge.  Today she serves as bookkeeper, payroll administrator, scheduler, and customer service specialist.  Sydney has a very sharp mind, and an uncanny ability to create and utilize a “systems” approach.


Reagan StevensReagan Stevens

Reagan joined Rose & Associates, Inc. in January of 2013 and has spent three of five working days in the operating room ever since. His exposure to 200+ AMIS (Direct Anterior) hips makes him one of our most seasoned reps in this arena. Reagan displays the ability to learn quickly, and his desire to constantly exceed customer expectations make him a valuable asset to the R&A team.


Peter StevensonPeter Stevenson

Pete joined Rose & Associates, Inc. in July of 2013. Pete's background as a Biomedical Engineer lends unique insight into his perspective in the operating room environment. Pete is a bright, capable representative who thinks ahead of his surgeons' cases, foresees any challenges, and acts to address them.


Riley JohnsonRiley Johnson

Riley joined R&A, Inc in 2012, and since then has made his mark in the area of sales support. Riley handles the difficult job of inventory distribution and management. All things logistic run through Riley’s office, and his inherent desire for organization and attention to detail keep things working like a well-oiled machine.


Ryan HarterRyan Harter

Ryan joined Rose & Associates, Inc following a circuitous post graduate route. After his graduation from the University of Mississippi, Ryan became a professional mountain biker and bicycle salesman. While this offered plenty in the way of exhilaration, it was lacking in personal growth and income requirements. Ryan invested his own money in the Medical Sales College in Denver, CO. and graduated from their 10 week Sales Academy program. His finish at the top of the class is a perfect indicator of the kind of individual Ryan is. Ryan's tenure in orthopedics is functionally 3 years beyond his actual experience in the field. Ryan specializes in servicing Direct Anterior Hip cases, and his capacity to quickly assimilate new information lends him an advantage that his competitors will soon know all too well.


Zach.jpgZach Venzon

Zach joined Rose & Associates, Inc. in 2015, and brings his high energy mechanically inclined mindset to join his boundless desire for excellence and achievement. Zach is diligent and focused. His desire to broaden his skill set and knowledge base makes him "the one to watch" as he journeys his trek through orthopedics and spine implant sales.

Justin SmithJustin Smith

Justin Smith is a hidden gem. There, I said it! Rose & Associates, Inc had a problem...we had a wonderful surgeon customer in a remote location, and he deserved to have great representation. It was a two + hour drive for the Boise reps, it was a 3+ hour drive for the Spokane reps. We found Justin on location, with years of orthopedic tech experience. The situation was perfect for both parties, and we've had a great time getting to know each other over the past few years. This experience validates the old adage, "good people find good people".

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